Questions? Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions.

There is no catch. First, we have low overhead. We do not have commissioned sales reps and managers like other providers. We prefer passing these savings on to our dealers, allowing us to be one of the lowest priced dealer website providers anywhere!

Second, we have the most automated dealer website building appplication in the industry. Because of this, we can create a custom website for car dealers and support dealers faster and easier than any other provider.

If you need a more thorough or technical explantion, our application is completely integrated with automated DNS record creation, recurring payments, FTP uploads, and editable pages, menus, forms, and graphics. So it not just easy for dealers to update their website, but it is also very easy for us to create, edit, and support the hundreds of custom websites we host for our dealer customers.

Absolutely not. Although we include the most complete drag drop website builder in the industry, we provide a completely built, custom, ready to go website for your dealership and will gladly make changes for you anytime at no charge. You can simply manage your inventory.

Every new account Includes:

1. Clean up / vectorize your existing logo or create a new logo for your dealership from scratch. We constantly have dealers that like their new logo so much, they ask for the artwork to use for their signage and business cards.

2. Custom pages, navigation menus, home page layouts, slideshow graphics, and color schemes. Every dealership has a unique way of doing business, whether you offer in-house financing, late model vehicles, or budget - cash only vehicles. We help you tell your dealership's story with effective layouts and eye catching graphics. One size does not fit all! We will put more effort into getting your website the you want then all of the other providers offering cookie-cutter templates.

Hosting your dealership website with a custom domain is simple. Our application will automatically configure your website to use your custom domain. You can set up a custom domain anytime once you create a dealer website account with us. We are happy to walk you through the process.

If you do not alreadty have a domain name, we recommend GoDaddy.com, although you can use nearly any domain name registrar. Just search for and register the domain name of your choice. Some website providers insist on registering the domain name for you in their account. We highly recommend against this as many of these these same providers will be reluctant to release the domain back to you if you ever switch providers. If you absolutely need help registering a domain, we will help search for and register a domain for you and we never charge for releasing domain names. But you should treat your domain name as an asset, similar to a vehicle title or deed on your property. You should really keep it in your dealership's name and under your control.

Absolutely. We have imports set up for many common DMS systems, such as Frazer, but can also map exported data files from any DMS provider that will FTP the file.

Yes, we will send your inventory to any 3rd party classified site or vendor you need. We have existing feeds with most providers already but can also map custom files for you to send anywhere. There is never a charge for setting ip data feeds.

Yes, we will also send your inventory to Vast.com, Oodle, and other free websites that they syndicate inventory with.

With our Craigslist posting tool, you can post a vehicle to Craigslist in just a couple of clicks. You just need to set up your template and posting areas, which we will help you with, and then you are ready to go.

Basically, our posting tool will post under any Craigslist account that you are logged into and you can easily switch to different categories and posting areas.

We also make it very easy for you to upload vehicle photos to Craigslist with full frame watermarks that include your dealership logo, website address, phone number, and more.

Still have questions? Just give us a call at 888-321-8467

The link for Frazer Software is www.frazer.com.


Every trial account comes with a completely built dealer website, customized for your dealership. Try out the application risk free. You can edit every aspect of the website right from the admin, or we can make changes for you any time at no extra charge!