Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to build a website myself?

Absolutely not. Just sign up for free trial and look for the welcome email from Once you log into the admin with the provided, temporary credentials, you will have an opportunity to request help with your logo, or even for us to create your initial website for you. There is no charge for the help, even while on a free trial. If you want to build it yourself though, it could not be any easier. You will be prompted pick a pre-built layout to start. Once you select a layout, the application will generate a complete website including all of the pages you see on each of the layouts / themes. You can then customize the website further, which can be as simple as just swapping out the logo and editing some Home page and About Us page text. Of course, you can easily do much more than that! You can also schedule a free website build / screenshare session by going to: and we can customize your website while you watch / learn.

What if I change my mind about the initial layout I choose?

First, any layout can be changed into any of the other example layouts, and thousands of other combinations. Second, we include up to three website layouts that you can choose, edit separately, and set as your default website. That way, you can design a new look and feel for your website anytime, and use any one of your new layouts as the default website for your custom domain. You can also use the additional layouts to create separate, special offer websites, buy here pay here websites, landing pages and more - each on a separate domain name. Please note that all three layouts will use the same inventory management, though the inventory can be displayed separately through custom categories.

Don't other providers offer "editable" or "customizable" dealer websites as well?

The majority of dealer websites are not editable by dealers at all and you need to submit change requests for even minor edits. And some providers do allow “some” editing of page text. However, offers a true, drag and drop page builder similar to Wix and Weebly, but exclusively for automotive websites. You can customize your website by choosing and editing from hundreds of pre-built page sections, graphics from our licensed, stock image library, change color schemes, edit forms and credit apps, add custom pages, edit your navigation menus and more. Plus we have built in graphics apps for creating or editing custom slideshow graphics, watermark frames, building coupons, and more.

How do you charge so much less than other automotive website providers?

We think the question should be, “why do they charge so much?” All kidding aside, we have been building websites for independent car dealers for over a decade and have a good handle on what our dealer customers need and want. We have built a very stable and automated inventory management platform that has matured to the point of being nearly always 100% issue free. We are also very reluctant to use reseller partners or affiliates, preferring instead to pass the savings directly on to our dealer customers. Our goal is to be the number one, dedicated automotive website publishing platform for independent car dealers, auto repair shops, collision centers, and auto detail shops. And be affordable enough for dealers to spend the extra money directly on advertising.

How do you compare to Wordpress?

For non-automotive websites, WordPress is a good choice, though dedicated website builders such as Wix and Weebly are much more user friendly. For automotive websites, few applications can match our functionality. Car dealers that use WordPress typically need an inventory plugin from a dealer website provider. That is the only way to have VIN decoding, importing data from your DMS, exporting to third party sites like CarGurus,, Autotrader, Etc. That typically requires a separate subscription from an automotive inventory provider. Other website builders do not even offer inventory management plugins at all.

Anyone with experience using Wordpress will find our application considerably easier to use. If you have ever built a WordPress site, you have likely pulled your hair out over broken plugins, error messages, disappearing content, and more. And, fully managed Wordpress hosting plans usually start at over $30.00 per month.

With, fully managed hosting is included, there are no plugins necessary, we have tons of auto related content and graphics, and nearly all of the pre-configured pages, forms, and functionality that automotive companies and car dealers need.

How do you compare to X, Y, or Z dealer website provider?

As far as a dedicated automotive website publishing application, we are the best money spent, period. Most dealer website companies just throw in a dealer website as one feature in their overall product bundle. Their primary product might be a DMS, an automotive marketplace, PPC advertising, or even an ad posting service. Yet, your permanent online presence is where everything starts! As an independent dealer, you are competing online against franchise stores, automotive classified sites, and other automotive sites that have tons of content populated in the search engines. You need way more than a few lines of text on a handful of static pages to compete. That is where we come in. DealerWebsites is a website publishing platform for automotive companies that need control over their website pages. That way, they can create content rich websites with fresh, updated content and control their calls to action and overall messaging.

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